Weekly Wrap||Robbery Gone wrong, Amaberete in a stand off with criminals, USA visits SA to discuss renewal


Two armed robbers died during a shootout in a failed armed robbery at a Jet Clothing outlet on Maclean Road, eQonce, 04 August 2022. Two armed robbers escaped and are still not found.

It as alleged that there was another armed robbery in Alice at the Capitec Bank, kwaNtu Shopping Centre. Details around this incident are still investigated.


The small village of Komga was rocked by a fierce battle between the police and armed criminals on the first day of August.

The spokesperson of the Police Service in the Eastern Cape, Brigadier Thembinkosi Kinana, said that the suspects who were armed were left humiliated after their plan was disrupted by the citizens who had strengthened their courage and were not afraid of gunfire.

The Minister of Security in the Eastern Cape Province, Weziwe Tikana-Gxothiwe, has commended the police officer’s response to the incident of five suspects who were allegedly armed with guns.

“Those who assisted the police are called Amaberete (Tactical Response Team) who assisted the police as the police tried to enter,” said the Minister.

According to the report, the criminals arrived at a time when managers and workers were starting their day.

“It is alleged that about five (5) armed suspects between the ages of 30-40, forced their way into the shop and demanded the safe keys from the manager, some of them locked the doors and told the workers to force their way into the metal cabinets,” said the Police spokesperson.

The manager was able to press the panic button and the police rushed in quickly and were met with a heavy firefight.

“When the police retaliated, the suspects defeated and arrested immediately,” Kinana said.

One suspect was shot and killed in the shootout, three others were injured and rushed to the hospital for further treatment while the fifth suspect was arrested immediately.

Two long guns and a short gun, a grinder and a vehicle are believed to have been stolen but have since been recovered by the police.

The suspects will appear before the Komga Magistrate’s Court soon, once the case has been opened.


Thabang Philile Klass (6), was laid to rest yesterday in New Brighton, Gqeberha.

It is alleged that she was strangled to death by a man who was his mother’s ex-lover, out of revenge.

Speaking at the funeral, the Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality, Eugene Johnson, said that the local community is working together to fight against the practice of sexual abuse of men and children.

Johnson stressed that the law enforcement will play its role.

Thabang is described as a lively and bright kid. Thabang’s teacher Mrs. Ginya related the incident to an act done by Thabang in the classroom when he was busy playing with the power switch on the wall when she (the teacher) asked the Thabang what he was doing, she said he just smiled and said nothing, “it’s as if what he was doing was signalling to us that his light was about to dim from the earth.”

In addition, Mr. Dumisani, the worker who works as a development worker has promised that the community will work with the office of the Mayor to try as much as possible to support this family.


A police officer got shot and wounded prior being arrested for allegedly demanding a half a million (R500 000) bribe in relation to a coal mine deal in Mpumalanga.

Provincial Police Spokesperson,Brigadier Selvy Mohlala, the officer was arrested on Tuesday evening after an undercover operation by the National Anti-Corruption and Intervention Unit in Highveld Park, Witbank.

According to Mohlala, the officer attached to the organised crime unit, called the complainant, and wanted R500 000 for assisting in winning a deal for a coal mine.

The cash drop was at a secret location. The officer is alleged to have collected the money and drove off, said Mohlala.

When the undercover policed moved in on them, he started shooting at them. They fired back, and wounded him. 

“He was arrested and charged with corruption and attempted murder, but taken to hospital, where he is under police guard,” he said.

Mohlala said the money was recovered.

He is expected to appear in the Emalahleni Magistrate’s Court soon.


Seven main South African opposition parties have voiced their concerns about Parliament’s handling of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm burglary scandal and they have unanimously concluded to push for him to be held responsible.

The African Transformation Movement (ATM), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), United Democratic Movement (UDM), Democratic Alliance (DA), National Freedom Party (NFP), African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), all met on Wednesday and came to a decision to push for the Public Protector to make Ramaphosa’s 31 answers to the popular 31 questions public, the 31 questions were put to Ramaphosa by the Chapter 9 institution.

Parties have agreed that several avenues, including a motion of no confidence, a Section 89 and ad hoc committees as well could be used to hold the president responsible.

“We as political parties have returned to the Speaker who’s reached into other institutions to force accountability and that has not yielded the results we would have loved, so we said that we have to be more unified in order for us to make sure that we are able to make an impact,” said Vuyo Zungula of ATM.


An actress lay face down in the sand, praying to God, as she was kicked by armed men who were manhandling her and stealing her jewellery, cellphone, and car keys.

Last week, the 49-year-old believes it was her prayer that “saved me from being raped” by illegal miners. The incident occurred at a mine dump near West Village, a Krugersdorp suburb.

“I prayed about it. There was gospel music playing the whole day during our shoot. I was in the mood of prayer and was asking God for protection when we were being attacked,’’ she said.

The actress, whose identity has been withheld to preserve her personality, stated that she was one of 22 people selected to record a video by a production company.

“My role was to play an old, sad Greek lady. When the lady [my character] looks up to the sky, she finds the Lord and starts smiling and becomes revived,’’ she said.

She claimed that while they were posing for pictures at the dump’s bottom, they heard gunshots and saw a gang of more than ten men dressed in dark clothing, beanies, and gumboots trying to push them to the ground.

“I heard loud voices telling us to get down and take off our clothes. The men shouted at us. We all fell on the ground and they started searching us. While I was lying on the ground, I could feel them touching my pockets. It felt like we were lying there forever,’’ she said.

“When I looked up, I saw them running away from us. I thought it was over, but a second group came. This group was more vicious than the first one. They had a lot of anger in them. They were kicking and beating us as we laid on the ground,’’ she said.

“One of the men grabbed me and took me to my car which was parked nearby. He made me open it and took our hand bags that were inside.

“He then asked me to get inside the back seat … and I thought he was going to rape me in my own car. A few moments later, one of the ladies was brought to my car and thrown at the back. She grabbed my hand and whispered that she was raped.’’

“I do not feel like a rape survivor. They raped my mind. The body pain will go away but the mental memories will not. I only managed to leave my house yesterday [Wednesday]. Every time I see many people I become frightened. When I hear sounds, I jump,’’ she said.

Following the incident, police launched a special operation to find the men responsible for the heinous crime, arresting 81 people over the course of two days.

They appeared in the Krugersdorp magistrate’s court this week for being in the country without proper documentation. Their case has been postponed to next week Wednesday.

None of the suspects have been linked to the rapes as police await DNA results.


Khimki (Russia) – On Thursday, a Russian court sentenced US basketball star Brittney Griner to nine years in prison for drug smuggling, with US President Joe Bidden calling the decision “unacceptable.”

Judge Anna Sotnikova told a court in the town of Khimki, just outside of Moscow, that the court “found the defendant guilty” of smuggling and possessing “ a significant amount of narcotics.”

Sotnikova sentenced Griner, 31, to nine years in prison and ordered her to pay a $16, 590 fine.

Biden issued an immediate statement, calling Griner’s sentence by a Russian court “unacceptable.”

“Brittney is being held illegally in Russia. It’s unconscionable, and I urge Russia to immediately release her so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends, and teammates “According to Biden’s statement.


US investors with more than $1 trillion in assets under management are looking for investment opportunities in South Africa.

The visit is being facilitated by USAID and Prosper Africa, the US government’s initiative to increase trade and investment between African nations and America, which began on Tuesday and will coincide with the visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Blinken will arrive in the country on Sunday, marking his second official visit to Africa.

He will also travel to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

According to a report released today, South Africa, the world’s 13th-largest source of greenhouse gases, will need to spend $250 billion over the next three decades to fund the closure of coal-fired plants and the development of replacement green energy such as wind and solar.

At COP26 in Glasgow in November, the world’s richest nations pledged only “there aren’t enough public resources in donor budgets and in local budgets, for example, in South Africa to solve the climate crisis,” Cameron Khosrowshahi, senior investment adviser for Prosper Africa, said in an interview Thursday. “In order to meet the challenge, private capital will need to be scaled up alongside public capital.” And that is one of the reasons we are here.”

The United States is attempting to strengthen ties with Africa to counter China’s influence as the continent’s largest trading partner and bilateral creditor.

South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor, will host Blinken, who will also engage in a strategic dialogue.

US investors also visited Senegal and Kenya in April.

Article By Siyakholwa Vuso//Edited by Cwayita Zweni

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