Weekly Wrap | Girl, 12, raped and killed, Stellenbosch student expelled, Growing kidnappings in EC

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A 12 year old girl has been raped and killed at Kaplan village outside Mthatha, in the Eastern Cape.

This is the second member of a local virginity testing group, Inkciyo (virginity testing), to be violated and murdered.

There are allegations that the young girl was raped by her cousin, aged 28 years old.

Confirmation from the police that the suspect has been arrested was recieved.

A herd man confessed to raping a 12-year-old girl who was strangled and tossed near the kraal two months ago.

Agitated villagers allegedly took the law into their own hands, resulting in the herd man’s death. The incident has shocked the Inkciyo group in the King Sabata Dalindyebo area.
Ncediwe Langa, the group’s secretary, has urged the government to protect young girls.

“A young girl from Inkciyo was raped and murdered by her cousin as she prepared to go to school.” We request that the government play its part. We ask the government to protect us and assist us in protecting our children. We are in pain.
This is the second time this has happened in the King Sabata Dalindyebo area. We are saddened about this.” explained Langa.

The suspect was apprehended and stoned to death by the community.


Four families are searching desperately for missing members of their families. A month ago, two young men were allegedly kidnapped in Mthatha.

There are beliefs that the two young men were attacked first before they were thrown into the boot of an unknown car.

In the past two months, four people have allegedly been kidnapped in this town.

The busy town of Mthatha is now developing new trends that are transforming it into a hotspot for criminal activity.

A month ago, Cwenga Ndongeni, 25, and his 21-year-old friend, Yamkela Somaguda were kidnapped and thrown into the boot of a vehicle.
Their families are worried because there is no trace of them.

“Police have been helping us in the search for our kids, we have been to government mortuaries, we have also been to private mortuaries, but there were no bodies. We are just asking God to help us find their bodies, we need closure in this and we are really going through a difficult moment right now,” Cwenga’s mother Nonina Ndongeni says.

Yamnkela’s mother, Nozuko Somaguda said: “My son’s grandmother is going through a lot, she has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and she cannot cope. If I look at his room, my heart feels pain, if I look at his clothes, I am getting more traumatised because we have been waiting and looking for his remains. We need closure, we need to close this chapter but because we have not buried him, this will continue to have a psychological and emotional impact on our life.”

Eastern Cape Police Spokesperson, Thembinkosi Kinana said: “The two cases are currently under investigation, a search has been conducted in various places in the area of Mthatha, we have not made any success at this stage, however, our investigation continues.”

The increase in people from outside Mthatha CBD has multiplied SAPS’s workload, making it hard to deal with cases like human trafficking, rape, and murder.


Salient ANC structures are set to process a memorandum from disgruntled governing party members demanding that President Cyril Ramaphosa be expelled from the party and from his position as head of state.

The members, who delivered their memorandum at Luthuli House in Johannesburg last Friday, have told Pretoria News that if their demands are not met, they intend to organize a nationwide strike.

According to Senzo Nkabinde, the march’s chief organizer, they had stretched their earlier 48-hour target for Luthuli House to act against Ramaphosa.

“The ANC has now been given until the end of Thursday to ensure that Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa is expelled as head of the party. We also want him to be recalled as head of state because he is a deployee of the ANC. We expect the ANC to hold a media briefing announcing to the nation that they have expelled Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa,” said Nkabinde.

“The proposed national mass action has been delayed, and the ANC NEC is therefore given until July 21 to meet our short-term demands. In the event that the ANC NEC fails or refuses to do so, a nationwide multi-sectoral, mass rolling action will take place.”

Nkabinde stated that if Ramaphosa remains in office, they will make an announcement on the way forward on July 22. He stated that their mass action would include 13 organizations, including political parties, independent labor unions, and religious groups.

He stated that if necessary, the demand for Ramaphosa’s expulsion would be escalated to the ANC’s upcoming national general council.

“We want the ANC policy conference to be converted into a two-day general council, and the rest of the days will be used for issues of policy. During those meetings we also want the general council to scrap the step-aside rule,” he said.

Nkabinde went on to say that they would also demand reparations for the victims of the Marikana massacre.


Former President, Thabo Mbeki, has warned South Africans of another possible unrest as a result of panick from citizens and everything else that has been happening in the country.

Mr Mbeki made mention that this current administration, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration, was expected to be the one that would build the country for the better. Mr Mbeki is one of many South African citizens who are hopeless in President Ramaphosa.

Mbeki has said that an Anti-government protest is a possible thing in the near future should the state of the nation not change and if citizens are not satisfied with the President’s service delivery to the nation, South Africans will fight back, and not nicely.

He added that corruption, unemployment and poverty will be ones to trigger South African’s bottled up anger. What concerns him the most is that, there seems to be no strategy in place to address all these issues, particularly unemployment, corruption, poverty, inequality and criminality in the country.

Mr Mbeki is holding the president, Cyril Ramaphosa, accountable for all these issues, as he has not delivered on a single promise he made during the SONA in February, earlier this year. “Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa when he delivered the SONA in February, said in 100 days there must be an agreed comprehensive social compact to address these matters. Nothing happened, not a single thing,” he said.

Mr Mbeki raised these issues at the memorial service of the late ANC member on Thursday, Jessie Duarte.


Stellenbosch University student, Theuns du Toit, was found guilty of violating the University’s Disciplinary Code of Conduct.

The results of his hearing were announced on Thursday.

Du Toit was also found to be in breach of the revised Residence Rules. He was ejected.

After a video of him urinating on Babalo Ndwayana’s personal belongings surfaced, Du Toit found himself in hot water and under investigation.


A Nigerian Catholic priest who was kidnapped last week was found murdered on Tuesday, while his colleague escaped from his captors in the northern state of Kaduna, according to the local diocese.

Last Friday, Fathers John Mark Cheitnum and Donatus Cleophas were apprehended in Lere while attending a parish function at Christ the King Catholic Church in Yadin Garu.

Cheitnum’s body was discovered on Tuesday, according to the Kafanchan diocese, who added that he was “brutally killed on the same day of his abduction.” His funeral will be held on Thursday.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

Several priests have been kidnapped this year in Nigeria by gunmen demanding ransom payments.

Nigerian security forces, who are overburdened fighting an insurgency in the northeast, frequently fail to prevent attacks.

Article by Siyakholwa Vuso

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