Weekend Wrap | Accident claims lives, Ace Speaks, Angie wants change in Joe Gqabi

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Three people have lost their lives while sixteen people received injuries, after two cars collided head-on in Mthatha.

The accident took place on the N2 highway between Mthatha and Qumbu.

A Toyota Quantum with sixteen people, including the driver from Mthatha, and a VW Polo with three men on the Qumbu side collided head-on. The three men who were riding in a VW Polo died right on the scene, while sixteen people who were riding in the Toyota Quantum were injured.

Four sustained serious injuries, six sustained serious injuries and the other six sustained minor injuries.

The injured occupants were taken to the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha for further treatment.

The circumstances surrounding the cause of the accident are not yet known as the area was still being investigated but a case of manslaughter was to be opened at the Libode Police Station for further investigation.


The state of emergency medical services in the Eastern Cape was able to attend to 51,000 more serious incidents this year compared to 2015 when the SAHRC was engaging with the Department regarding access to emergency medical services in the province.

Over 165,000 single key calls targeted at over 25,000.

Just over 48% of these calls were answered in less than 30 minutes in urban areas and over 60% of rural calls were answered within 60 minutes.

“There are also areas of improvement that are needed in terms of the number of people who use mixed skills, additional improvements are needed to make the facilities friendly and reach legal standards,” said Rolene Wagner, head of the Department of Health in the Eastern Cape.


The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motsekga, has asked the principals and managers of Joe Gqabi district to make a list with pictures of all damaged schools, on

Motsekga on the 21st of July visited Joe Gqabi’s district in Barkley East, Eastern Cape. She is sure that Comrade Joe Gqabi, is proud of the current group of principals and district managers, who despite difficulties continue to provide basic education to all children in areas with limited resources.

“Our people have made one demand clear; the doors of education should be opened. Our main document, the Freedom Charter, does not say that these doors should only be open to the children of Gqeberha, Sandton or Pretoria,” said Motshekga.

He encouraged the students to respect the teachers and not only respect each other, he also urged them to avoid anti-social behavior so that the school can continue to be a place where every student can grow academically, socially and culturally.

The Minister then said that their role is not only to improve important learning outcomes but to build the nation and contribute to job creation, peace and economic development.

“We have gathered here for two reasons; to congratulate you as district officials and principals for regaining the former glory and to seek new ways to reach the 75 percent level in the district’s matric results,” added Motshekga.

She said on their part they should equip agricultural schools in this district and said they should work non-stop to ensure that they have a government-wide approach to the problems facing this educational district.


Suspended ANC secretary-general of the ANC, Ace Magashule, spoke on issues faced by the ANC.

Magashule said that the party’s troubles stated prior the 54th Nasrec ANC national conference in 2017.

Magashule, who was affected by the ‘step-aside’ policy and removed from his office spoke on Power 98.7 FM last week. On this interview, he mentioned that the final blow to the ANC was the recalling of the then, Jacob Zuma, in March 2018.

Magashule stated that, the then president, Jacob Zuma, had an agreement with the sitting president, Cyril Ramaphosa. Their agreement was that, Jacob Zuma will continue as president until the sixth month (June) for the BRICS summit, so he can formally introduce Cyril to the BRICS leadership.

“That is when Zuma was blaming us for not being credible leadership.”, said Magashule.

Magashule stated that they only knew at Nasrec that some of the members of the judiciary were compromised.

“That is why some believe, some and not all, the judges were captured. What we did not know is that money plays a bigger role and we should have done what we did at Polokwane conference. We should have demanded a manual counting because even now such things happen,” – Magashule.


Parent and teachers at GreenpointbHigh School, in Kimberly, Northern Cape, are in fear of theirs and children’s lives, after a fight broke out between gang members at the school.

These gang related fights at the school have been going on since the year begun. This forced the school to close.

These seem to be a continuation of fights that start during the weekends at local taverns and would spill over to the school as some gang members are still learners at Greenpoint High School.

Last week, on Wednesday, a learner at the school was stabbed during a gang fight at the school. This led to the school being closed for the day.

The SGB said it has taken necessary steps to ensure that this violence does not continue. Chairperson, Leon Montano, said the unruly learner has been suspended.


On Friday, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and was in self-isolation.

Mohamud’s spokesperson, Abdikarim Ali Kaar, said the president returned to Somalia on Friday from a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

“My fellow citizens, I would like to inform you that today I tested positive for COVID-19. So far, I have no symptoms but I will continue to self-isolate and serve the people of #Somalia from home,” he said on his Twitter account.

Somalia has so far registered 26 748 COVID-19 cases and 1 361 deaths, according to a tally from its health ministry.

According to the health ministry, Somalia has recorded 26 748 COVID-19 cases and 1 361 deaths.

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