Watch | #Word with Qhamisa Tengile

Word 05 May 2022 Poster with Qhamisa Tengile

Sister Qhamisa Tengile joins us this Sunday, 08 May 2022, to share the #Word.

Biography of Ms. Qhamisa Tengile

Qhamisa Tengile is a youth development activist, born and grew up kuCetane, in Macibe. Tengile has always been an adventurous person, after primary studies, she went to KwaZulu-Natal high school and that’s where she pursued her tertiary education too.

Qhamisa was shaped by the rough environment of Wentworth in KZN as she says, “everything was available there, you had to make a choice and prioritize”.

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She is currently running a Skills Center ku Centane under the company Ticktock Mas’thethe which she founded.

The motivational speaker, life coach, politically involved young lady has her eye on national governance. She says “when we speak national issues of youth development, expect Qhamisa Tengile to be part of the panel”

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