Watch | 1st Annual Amazwi Asixhenxe & Candlelight Service

Uzuko kuBawo Foundation in partnership with Ndlambe FM and OurNews Online presents the 1st Annual Amazwi Asixhenxe & Candlelight Service. The aim of the service is to spread the message of the cross for the purposes of healing the ills we deal with in this day and age – Jesus is the answer/cure to all the corruption in the world.


  • MC: Dean Jobela/Bongiwe
  • Opening Prayer: Mrs. Jack
  • Welcoming – Hon. Cllr. K. Ncumiso (Ndlambe Municipality Mayor)
  • Purpose of the Day – Mr. Lebo Mothlabane (CEO – Uzuko kuBawo Froundation)
  • Message of Support – Ms. Sane Feni (GM – MG Mali Group)
  • Via Dolorosa: Rev Tawule
  • 1. Luke 24v34: Ms. Mafele
  • 2. Luke 23v43: Mr. Kolele
  • 3. John 19v26: Apostle Nqojela
  • 4. Matthew 27v46: Bishop Masoma
  • Prayer: Mr. Tamana
  • 5. John 19v28: Arch Bishop Futha
  • 6. John 19v30: Evangelist Sam
  • 7. Luke 23v46: Mr. Ngangqu
  • Vote of Thanks – Mr. Bright Ndzima (Ndlambe FM)
  • Closing Prayer: Mrs. Gwata

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