Terms and Conditions

1) Payment will be made to OurNews bank account, 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm a booking and 50% on arrival at the venue. Payments made later than the stipulated time, for any reason, shall be made immediate payments if they are not cash. There is a penalty of 25% compounded each day for late payments. 2) All services are offered in accordance with governing laws. 3) Security of OurNews personnel and equipment is the responsibility of the client. 4) Funeral Live Streams are 2 hours long during lockdown and any extra service will be charged for extra. Anything over than 10 minutes will charged extra. 5) We have a preferred sound setup that we will suggest and we cannot be held responsible if the client chooses otherwise. 6) We stream using wireless networks and as much as we do our level best to stream in all conditions but we cannot be held responsible for network failures as they are out of our control. Items to be used in the slideshow must be sent at least 24 hours before the broadcast. If due to any reason we cannot stream live, the funeral will be recorded and streamed at an agreed time. 7) OurNews Live Streaming Setup is a patented setup that belongs to Lerato Group (PTY) LTD with patent application number 2020/04222. We therefore cannot answer any questions on how we do what we do and cannot share directly or indirectly. 8) OurNews places 4 adverts on each funeral without disrupting the stream. R1450 is charged to take out adverts. Adverts by OurNews and one partner cannot be taken out. 9) Add-On stickers are to be used in full. It is the client’s responsibility to source required bottles of water and the required number of cars. 10) The client may not write anything on social media/online or on any platform that may compromise OurNews about the company without exhausting all of OurNews redress processes. 11) The client is responsible for providing electricity and a table for the stream. OurNews shall provide its own electrical extension leads not more than 10 meters. OurNews is made up a number of capable individuals or teams and therefore, the company reserves the right to assign any individual or team to a project. 13) OurNews reserves a right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. 14) All advertised setups can be rendered when the situation permits. If for any reason the situation doesn’t we will prioritise live streaming.