#OurCrush | Qhamisa Tengile

Qhamisa Tengile

Reintroducing our feature, this week we have an amazing, young and multi talented Qhamisa who believes that anyone can become anything they want to become in life.

Qhamisa Tengile is a youth development activist, born and grew up kuCetane, in a village called Macibe. Tengile has always been an adventurous person, after primary studies kuCentane, she went to KwaZulu-Natal for high school and that’s where she pursued her tertiary education too. She said that her years in KwaZulu-Natal were the years that shaped her, “you’d be walking and someone would offer you a joint of cocaine and it’s up to you to say no to because of your principles but it was readily available”. Qhamisa was shaped by the rough environment of Wentworth in KZN as she says, “everything was available there, you had to make a choice and prioritize”.

#OurCrush – Qhamisa Tengile

She is currently running a Skills Center ku Centane under the company Ticktock Mas’thethe which she solely founded. This Centre helps young people get skills in order to start their businesses.
She is also involved in structures of youth development such as the South African Youth Council, ANC Youth League, Pan-African Women Network and more.

When we asked her of the reasons she had interest in politics, she said, “we are governed by politics and the next president will not come from church but politics”.

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Speaking to Qhamisa, we asked of her current initiatives and she told us about the upcoming youth summit that will be hosted by the South African Youth Council as she is the Secretary in the Amathole Region, this summit like most she’s involved in is a youth development project. They are inviting young brand owners to be part of the summit.
She also mentioned that she has a new program ‘Youth Development with Qhamisa Tengile‘. This program is aired weekly on Wednesdays 18:30 on OurNews Online.

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We asked what she would say to a young black female in this day and she said, “spoil yourself with attention, love and education, empower yourself. You can never pour from an empty cup, you are who you are because of your background, never forget where you come from but don’t stick to it”

The motivational speaker, life coach, politically involved young lady has her eye on national governance. She says “when we speak national issues of youth development, expect Qhamisa Tengile to be part of the panel”

Article by Cwayita Zweni | cwayitazweni@ournews.online | 0631452504

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  1. Qhamisa Tengile

    How touching❤️ Thank you for remembering a young woman from dusty streets.

    It is such experiences that motivate even motivational speakers to keep the candle burning!

    Makuqhame, Kwande!

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