Enyobeni tarven tragedy update

The real reason behind the deaths of 21 underage teenagers at a tavern in East London, Scenery Park has not been confirmed.

Today, Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane and National Police Minister and other Provincial authorities held a media briefing, where hopes were that some specific details around what had actually happened that led to the deaths of the 21 underage teenagers would be revealed.

In the media briefing, carbon monoxide was mentioned.

According to Provincial Health expert Dr. Litha Matiwane, preliminary post – mortem reports show that methanol was observed in the swabs of the 21 bodies, but they are still expecting quantitative levels to determine whether it was lethal or non-lethal.

Dr. Matiwane stated that carbon monoxide was also discovered in the samples, ranging from 3.3 percent to 21 percent saturation of hemoglobin, and that normally toxicology should be greater than 50%.

Dr. Matiwane also stated that the alcohol levels ranged from 0.65g to 0.26g per mililitre, which is inconclusive of lethal toxicology and could not have been the cause of death.

Bheki Cele, the Police Minister, stated that there is no evidence linking the deaths of the 21 underage teenagers at #EnyobeniTavern, to any of the other mass shootings at taverns across the country.

The investigation into the true cause of the deaths is still ongoing.

Article by Siyakholwa Vuso

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